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The 10 Most Invasive Garden Pests

  1. Aphids

Aphids are small, pear-shaped, soft-bodied, and have piercing, sucking mouthparts. You will see them in dense clusters on the underside of leaves and new growth. Aphids suck out the juices from your plants, and large populations cause substantial damage. Look for stunted shoots, yellow leaves, and a large quantity of honeydew. This substance is exudated by aphids and often turns black due to a mold fungus with a sooty appearance. However, the damage is not uniform, and the symptoms include dieback of leaves, curled foliage, and off-color spots on leaves. Eliminating root aphids, while keeping your plants healthy is the primary objective. Make sure you choose an organic solution when treating root aphids, and all other types of invasive species.

2. Broad Mites

Adult mites are microscopic at about 0.2 mm in length, broad, oval, and yellow-green or pale green. The backs of the females have a white stripe. Broad mites secrete substances and suck plant cells from plants. They prefer developing young plant tissue such as flower buds, young leaves, and growing tips. To identify the damage, look for young leaves with dark brown edges at the base, an exemplary network of brown stripes forming on the leaves, corky brown patches on the main stems, leaf stalks, and collapsed spots on the leaves.

3. Leafhoppers

Leafhoppers are tiny, ranging in size from three to 15 mm. Their wings are directly above their backs like a roof. Both hind legs have small spines. The majority are green, but there are various colors, including the brownish coloration of leafhoppers living in turf-grass. Nymphs are tiny with small wing buds. They attack home gardens, including roses, potatoes, grapes, and apples, to feed on the sap in the leaves. Look for white leaves with stippled spots. Larger populations leave dark excrement on plants.

4. Mealybugs

Mealybugs are unarmored, scaled insects covered in a powdery white wax coating with needle-like mouths. Many species have projections extending from their bodies with the appearance of legs. When on a plant, they look like tiny cotton spots and form clusters. Look for them on stems and the underside of leaves on most outdoor plants such as shrubs and bushes. They suck juices from plants, often attracting ants due to the excretion of a sweet, sticky substance called honeydew. Look for wilted, yellowing leaves.

5. Plant Scale

Plant scales are extremely small insects attaching themselves to host plants to feed. They come in different sizes, shapes, and colors but usually appear as little round, brown lumps on the stems and leaves of plants. They can have hard or soft scales covering the body of the insect. Scales can be oyster-shaped, oval, or round. Look for sooty mold or the sugary honeydew produced while feeding. One of the most visible signs is a blackish mold. Different species feed off a variety of plants. The most common are shrubs, fruit trees, and magnolias.

6. Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew is a type of fungal disease found in a wide range of plants. As a result, there are numerous species, each preferring different plants. The most frequently affected plants include pumpkins, melons, tomatoes, roses, peas, and beans. Once the fungus has spread, look for a mildew layer containing many spores on the top of the leaves. These spores are carried to other plants by the wind and slow down growth. If left untreated, expect a decrease in both quality and yield.

7. Spider Mites

Spider mites are a type of arachnid and are related to scorpions, ticks, and spiders instead of actual insects. The adults are only 1/50th of an inch in length and oval with a pale or reddish-brown coloration. They live on the underside of leaves in colonies and suck plant fluids by piercing leaf tissue. Look for leaves with light dots. Leaves often become yellow, dry out, and fall off. With large populations, webbing is present on the leaves. Spider mites prefer strawberries, beans, ornamental flowers, melons, eggplant, houseplants, and trees. With marijuana dispensaries opening up all over the U.S., we are also finding that spider mites are attracted to cannabis plants. If you are growing, and notice your plants are under attack, consider an organic solution for combating spider mites on weed.

8. Russet Mites

Russet mites can only be seen without a minimum magnification of 10X when in clusters. Through a lens, they appear as translucent, tapered cylinders in a wedge shape with a yellow tint and just two pairs of legs. These insects suck sap from plants beginning at the bottom and moving upward to continue feeding. Look for curled and yellowed lower leaves, discolored stems, and drooping leaves. Both flowering and green growth become less vigorous. Russet mites prefer blossoms, flowers, and flower resins.

9. Thrips

Thrips are tiny insects with fringed or vestigial wings and asymmetrical mouthparts. The adults are rarely more than one-quarter of an inch in length. The most common adult colors are brown, black, or yellow. In the larval stage, thrips are green or yellow. They attack flower buds, leaf buds, and leaves. Look for silvering on the lower surface of the leaf, leaf loss, and blackened or deformed leaves. Thrips generally feed on the underside of leaves and new growth. Feeding results in crinkled leaves with an upward curl, stunted plants, excessive branching, and delayed growth.

10. Whiteflies

Whiteflies are winged insects with soft bodies and triangular shapes. Look for clusters of whiteflies on the underside of leaves. They suck up plant juices with piercing mouthparts and leave sticky honeydew behind. Honeydew can result in the formation of fungal diseases on leaves, including sooty mold. When they feed heavily, look for extremely weak plants incapable of photosynthesis. Leaves will begin to wilt and turn yellow or pale resulting in stunted growth. Eventually, leaves will wither and fall of the plant. If larvae are present, there will be small white ovals on the underside of leaves.


With so many plant pests just waiting to terrorize your garden, it’s important that you take proper measures to keep them at bay and away from your plant life. Consider natural pesticide control from companies like Trifecta Natural, or similar products to treat your plant life. Using organic solutions to manage your crops will ensure that you are managing and harvesting healthy consumables for you and your buyers.

Top 5 Golf Resorts in the US

If you love to stroke the ball around a golf course, you might wonder where the best golf resorts are located in the United States. We’ve compiled some of the best, and they’re well worth adding to your golfing bucket list. Let’s take a look!

Pebble Beach (California) 

Could we really start our list anywhere else? As the host of six US Open events, Pebble Beach is located on the coast and has spectacular views that complement the golfing experience. Though many people think of the Pebble Beach course, the resort is actually home to four different courses – some actually say that Spyglass Hill is the best of them all.

The challenge? The proximity to steep cliffs and the small greens. Even the most confident players on these courses worry about hitting the tiny green and knocking the ball off the land entirely. You could have the worst round of your life, and it would still be a memory to last with stunning views and landscapes.

Kiawah Island (South Carolina)

Another one for the bucket list, Kiawah Island struggled for interest when it held two courses from Nicklaus and Player. However, this all changed when the Ocean Course was opened in the 1990s. Since the introduction of this third course, it has held a Ryder Cup, a PGA Championship, and is set to hold another major competition in 2021. Now, there are four courses to enjoy and they seem to span several ecosystems which means a unique experience for each.

Boyne Golf (Michigan) 

If you want a full golfing weekend or even a whole week, we highly recommend Boyne Golf in Michigan. In total, you can choose from three resorts; Boyne Highlands Resort, Inn at Bay Harbor, and Boyne Mountain Resort. Using the mountain resort as an example, you’ll be located in Boyne Falls with immaculate views of the surrounding area.

We believe this is one of the best options for a full trip away because you’ll also have access to high-quality lodging options, a spa, ski mountain, water park and pool, and bike trails. You could easily spend two weeks here and still go home without discovering everything – this is one reason why lots of people return year after year. Pack the clubs, leave your worries behind, and create memories to last a lifetime.

The Phoenician/Scottsdale (Arizona)

Spread over 250 acres, this is another resort based in the mountains but this time in Arizona. With Camelback Mountain providing a delightful backdrop, you’ll also have views of the desert while enjoying the 18 holes. Across the grounds of the whole resort, you’ll enjoy palm trees, waterfalls, beautiful landscaping, koi ponds, and more.

What’s the point of being in a stunning location if you’re stuck in a closed-off room? Well, the rooms at this resort boast private balconies. Watch the sunset from your balcony with a loved one while also soaking in a fantastic golf course.

The Lodge at Bandon Dunes (Oregon) 

Finally, we’re going to end on the Oregon coast. Speak to anybody who has played here, and they will tell you that it’s one of the best courses and resorts in the world (let alone the country!). Not only do you enjoy the golf, but players also report seeing incredible wildlife from bald eagles to grey whales and everything in between.

In terms of your stay, you can choose between cottages and lodgings with private patios, fireplaces, ocean/forest views, and more. The resort also boasts a hot tub, lots of eateries, a sauna, a massage center, and great customer service. This really is the resort that has everything.

Top 10 Internet Marketing Strategies

It’s 2020, there’s competition all around, and you want your business to stand tall on the internet… so where do you focus? We’re going to bring you 10 valuable internet marketing strategies today!

1. Content Marketing

Although some businesses ignore it, content keeps the internet going. This could be infographics, blog posts, videos, or any other form. There are two main benefits to content marketing; you can position yourself as a market leader, and it helps to boost SEO for your website.

2. SEO 

We’ve just mentioned it, and another internet marketing strategy that will always have value is search engine optimization (SEO). Essentially, this is the practice of improving one’s website to boost our position on search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO has long been linked with keywords, but the algorithm takes lots of factors into consideration, including page loading speed, links, and the age of content.

3. Paid Advertising

Organic search is good, but we believe it needs to be paired with paid search too. While organic search pulls in people looking for specific terms, paid search can be used for product launches, special offers, and other times where you want to gain quick exposure.

4. Remarketing

Just because somebody has engaged with your business and then walked away, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to lose them forever. Instead, launch a remarketing campaign and target people who have visited a particular page, engaged on social media, etc.

5. Social Media

If you aren’t on social media, you will immediately fall behind the competition. Before spending money, a significant portion of the market will research brands and products on social media. If you aren’t present and active, they will choose to go elsewhere. Social media is a wonderful tool to build excitement around a product launch, engage with customers, deal with common complaints, and give the brand some character (while making it personable).

6. Website Design 

When looking for marketing techniques, most businesses will look outwards. For us, marketing always begins inside the company… and a good starting point is your website. If your site isn’t up to scratch, all other marketing techniques like SEO and paid advertising won’t be as effective. It would help if you had a sleek website design, simple navigation and interface, quick page loading speed, and the right tone for the business.

7. Email Marketing

Social media has arrived, so email marketing is dead, right? Well, not exactly. As long as you have permission to contact your email list, it’s a great way to reach them directly with special offers and exciting news. You can try lead magnets, improve with A/B testing, and find the strategy that gets the best results. The automation tools available make email marketing easier than ever before.

8. Influencer Marketing

As the years go on, it seems that influencers have gained more and more power in advertising. If you haven’t explored this avenue, it could be a good one since the influencers’ followers listen to their opinions and views regarding products and brands.

9. Reputation Management

What are people saying about your brand? As well as responding to the positive reviews and comments, we also recommend dealing with any negativity. If people see you take complaints seriously, they will be more willing to forgive one or two bad reviews. If you ignore them, it looks like you might get negative comments all the time.

10. Finding the Right Platform

This might sound simple, but there are still far too many businesses advertising on the wrong platforms. Assess where your target market can be found and then choose a message that resonates.

Top 5 Best Drummers

Although they don’t always get the headlines, drummers have an essential role in any band or performance. If the drummer is off beat or struggling to keep up, the whole performance comes crashing down. Fortunately, these five drummers never had such problems. Although we know this list is highly subjective (feel free to comment your own favorite drummers), we’ve chosen five drummers that not only had/have talent but have also contributed to the way drums are played for all aspiring musicians.


Phil Collins

In truth, everybody seems to know Phil Collins for something different. While some will think of ‘In the Air Tonight’, others will love his work on the Disney classic Tarzan. However, only those old enough will remember his drumming days with Genesis. After joining the lineup in the UK, Genesis went from strength to strength and it wasn’t long before Collins had developed the signature ‘gated snare’ sound.

Ultimately, Phil Collins is a drumming legend and the respect he has earned from other musicians goes to show it. After one of the most famous drum fills of all time with ‘In the Air Tonight’, lots of other musicians used him for studio recordings including Robert Plant and Eric Clapton. What’s more, he played the drums for recordings even after he took over the lead with Genesis and in his solo singing career.

Neil Peart

From England, we move across to Canada to find another legend of the drumming world. Considered by some the best drummer of all time, he was the lyricist and main drummer for Rush. Over the years, he has been recognized for his talent and, in 1983, became the youngest ever Modern Drummer Hall of Fame inductee.

John Bonham

As a key feature of Led Zeppelin, John Bonham quickly began entertaining crowds all over the world. During the recording of ‘Good Times Bad Times’, Jimmy Page later noted how everybody assumed he was using two bass drums when he actually only had one. Often, we can mark the success of musicians by the influence they have, and Dave Grohl once said that he used to spend endless hours in his bedroom just trying to imitate and emulate Bonham’s talent.

Ringo Starr

In one interview, Paul McCartney said that the real ‘beginning’ of the Beatles came when Ringo Starr first sat down and played with the band. He described looking around the room at George and John before knowing that the band was complete. Although overlooked as a result of other drummers around during the 1960s, Starr was influential in the Beatles and played a key role in shaping the songs that have defined more than one generation.

Above all else, Starr was reliable – a good trait for any drummer. Once you add the fact that he was a left-handed player on a right-handed kit, you really understand the talent and why the funny fills he offered were so special. Back to Dave Grohl, he once noted that ‘Ringo was the king of feel’.

Keith Moon

To round off our top five, Keith Moon was known for extravagance, smashing drum kits, and unique playing styles. Rather than simply accompanying the music, Moon pushed the boundaries of where the drum should go and his influence in this regard is still felt today. Sadly, while still a beloved member of The Who, Moon died in London at the age of 31.

Sadly, all great careers come to an end. Neil Peart died at the beginning of 2020 and a nerve issue will prevent Phil Collins from playing as he once did…let’s hope there’s a new generation of drummers who will soon find their names among these greats!

Why You Need a Mobile Veterinarian

A few years ago, people didn’t understand the importance of a mobile veterinary. However, today’s active life has made this concept popular among people. Consequently, there is an increase in the number of mobile veterinarians.

Traditionally people have to take their pets to the clinics, but now you can book appointments, and professionals will visit your place for a checkup. Periodic checkups of your pets are essential if you want them to be healthy.

mobile vets

Therefore avoid the struggle to taking your pets to the clinic and instead call them to come to your place.

Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Vet

There are several benefits that a mobile vet offers. These includes:

  • Comfort

Usually, pets like dogs and cats love to be in familiar surroundings, and they get anxious in unfamiliar surroundings. Therefore it is comfortable for your pets when a vet visits them at home.

Therefore it is relaxing for pets. You don’t need to put your animals in cars and bring them to hospitals. Hence it is comfortable for both of you, you, and your pet.

  • Safety

Don’t worry that the vet is carrying some disease-causing bacteria’s and germs. Because these mobile vet and livestock vet to make sure to take all the safety measures. Besides, the good thing is your pet is not exposed to any stranger.

Therefore chances for them to get infected are null. Limited contact dramatically reduces the risk of transferring illness. This means the use of a mobile vet can protect your pets from infectious diseases.

  • Cost

Usually, people think that they will charge a higher amount. However, in reality, this is not the case. In the veterinary world, they didn’t cost an extra fee for coming to your place to check your pet.

Whereas when you take your pets to the clinic, you have to pay extra fees like checkup fees, transport costs, etc. whereas in case of mobile vet services, you have to pay a service fee and if any loss in wage occurs due to taking time off.

  • Services

Keep in mind that mobile vet provides limited services only. And in extreme cases, when you’re pet needs an operation or an x-ray, you have to take them to the hospital. But they provide all the traditional vet services.

Sometimes they also arrange a professional/specialist for a checkup. But extreme cases are sent to specialist clinics. Therefore make sure that they provide those services which you want. And if no, then it’s better to go to the clinic.

  • Convenience

The best thing about the mobile vet is convenience. They provide a 24 hours vet service. Not long ago, this accessibility was not given the appreciation it deserves. But today’s busy world clearly understands its importance.

Don’t worry about your busy schedule. Because you can call them whenever you want, and this feature is no less than a blessing.

Final Words

The mobile vet is an excellent initiative due to the drastic benefits it provides. It provides convenience, flexibility, comfort, safety, and much more. So I am sure you all clearly understand the importance of a mobile vet.

What is XXX OG Strain of Terpenes?

XXX OG Terpenes are one of the most popular and highly potent strains of Terpenes on the market. XXX OG Terpenes have been around a long time and were found in older strains of cannabis, now they are being extracted and used to flavor edibles, oils, and vape cartridges. The XXX strain comes from a strain of Indica.

It comes from a gnarly bud, and is covered in gooey trichomes. It has a terpene flavor similar to the fresh soil and pine along with lemon. And lastly, it is considered as the daughter of hybrid OG Kush and indica XXX.

The potency of XXX OG

The XXX Indica comes with a high percentage of THC; consequently, it is essential to check its potency before buying and consuming. Its use can cause a high in the head, uplifting the spirit, and creates an ecstatic state in mind.

It helps to relax the body; however, consuming in higher amounts can let you feel more sedated. On the downside, its use can cause dry mouth and eyes, dizziness, anxiousness, and even small bouts of paranoia when used in higher amounts.

XXX OG Strain of Terpenes

Plant Terpenes

Organic terpenes are spherical-shaped flowers. They come with a dense and heavy bud structure like the typical indica varieties. It has fresh green leaves with orange pistils. Whereas some also have streaks of purple, which is due to the presence of anthocyanins. Outer and the inner surface of leaves are covered with the cloudy white trichomes. As a result of which it is tough to break leaves by hand.

On burning organic terpenes forms a smooth smoke for an indica. You will feel a cloyingly sweet and peppery when you inhale it, and it will linger on the palate.

XXX OG as a Creeper of Strain

It takes a few minutes to fully accept the effect of XXX OG, which is a creeper strain. It starts with a tingling sensation in the face, which then moves down the neck. And within minutes, it gives a pleasant, relaxing feel in the entire body.

The best time to enjoy XXX OG terpenes is in the evening at home.

Uses of XXX OG

There are several benefits provided by XXX OG. It is beneficial for the purpose of medical cannabis patients. It can provide both psychological as well as physiological benefits.

7 Reasons Businesses Use Safety Management Software

incident reporting software

7 Reasons Businesses Use Safety Management Software 

Over the years, it’s fair to say that health and safety have played a more prominent role in nearly every single industry. What previously was associated with construction and other industries where employees used heavy machinery, even climbing a ladder, requires training and sufficient procedures. With this in mind, we’ve seen the introduction of safety management software. 

What’s Safety Management Software?

Essentially, the term describes software and computer programs that help with the health and safety aspect of any business. Not only can you track and manage the safety risks in the workplace, but it’s also possible to assign both preventative and corrective actions, keep a record of injuries, and ensure that all employees have the access they need for valuable training. 

Benefits of Using Safety Management Software

If you’re currently wondering whether or not you should invest in this sort of software for your own business, keep reading. There are several reasons why companies utilize it, and we’ve listed them below.

1. Efficiency for Your Business

Firstly, you no longer need to keep all important information on random pieces of paper all ‘filed’ into a binder. With all health and safety information, it’s possible to keep everything all under one piece of software. From here it’s accessible for training new employees, upper management to review, and more. If an issue were to arise, having this documented information in one place will make it convenient to access and distribute for review. 

2. Consistency in The Workplace 

Next, consistency is essential with health and safety, and this is accommodated with safety management software. When tasks are repeated in the same way, time and time again, this software helps with accuracy, and staff can follow the procedure as expected (rather than missing key steps). Whenever required, members of the team can look back to the past, and this information could help with present and future scenarios.

3. Remote Access 

Like many software solutions, this can be accessed through the cloud or a similar method. Therefore, no matter where you are in the world, it’s possible to access the software. In some cases, it’s possible to sync information on a phone to the primary office database. 

4. Compliance and Regulations 

These days, the regulations regarding health and safety only seem to be growing. Therefore, the easiest way to keep up to date with them is to have all information pertaining to health and safety in the business under one umbrella. Your staff needs to be up to date with procedures, there are educational software resources that can be used to educate your employees on tasks and software to properly manage these incidents. 

5. Building Consumer Trust 

In the past, customers would generally choose the cheapest product when faced with a decision between two businesses. Today, however, motivations have changed. As well as environmentally friendly companies, customers want to support companies who look out for their employees. With a safety management software installed, this is precisely what you’re doing. You’re proving to the world that you take health and safety seriously, and this sort of attention is always appreciated.

6. Avoiding Penalties 

Earlier, we mentioned compliance, and this is important because many companies fall foul of the regulations. When this happens, there’s a potential for penalties and various other legal consequences. 

7. Improving Staff Safety 

Finally, you don’t need an ulterior motive. Sometimes, you just want to do what’s right for your team. Sure, safety management software will help with organization, compliance, consistency, efficiency, and it will even save you money through efficiency improvements and avoided penalties. However, the software will also allow you to stay on top of health and safety. While doing this, your staff feel confident working with you, and you can sleep easy that the business is taking care of them!

Top 5 Media Buying Agencies in the U.S.

Top 5 Media Buying Agencies in the U.S.

When it comes to media buying, there are definitely some agencies that outshine the competition. We recently asked some of our favorite marketers who they thought were the country’s top media buyers, and this is our list. These media buying agencies top our list as we steered clear of the marketing agencies that have more brand recognition than they do satisfied clients. Follow along as we share with you our top 5 media buying agencies.

ad buying agency

1. Metric Theory – Denver, Colorado

The people we reached out to about this had one thing in common, and Metric Theory was number one. When we asked about Media buying agencies in the U.S., we were not surprised that a company from Colorado topped the list. Colorado is a cool state that has made greenery legal for recreational use, talk about fueling the creative marketer in you! While media buying may not be as creative as content creation, it still requires some serious knowledge of the industry. Good job Metric Theory, the good folks of this country have taken notice and made you our top pick for media buying agencies in the U.S.



best media buying agency

2. Richardson Media Group – Portsmouth, New Hampshire

This agency operating out of Portsmouth has a strong reputation in the marketing community. We searched the internet, social media, and polled our readers, and it was clear that Richardson Media had to make our top 5 list. Richardson Media operates out of Portsmouth but services the greater Boston area and surrounding cities. Businesses from East to West made mention of them, and this says a lot about a company when companies across the country are name dropping you. Hopefully, they aren’t Patriot fans.

media buys and advertising

3. Media LTD – Baltimore, Maryland

This group is making some serious noise in the world of media buying. They were mentioned frequently among the rest of these agencies that made our list. This group of world-class marketing experts can help you extend your reach with unstoppable momentum that will keep your business going strong. They’ve been in business for over 25-years and have a reputation as a premier media buyer in Baltimore. Can their marketing efforts give your business the kind of momentum that Lamar Jackson currently has? You can only hope so!

love Ad agency

4. Love Adv – Houston, Texas

These guys can do everything a mid- to large-sized agency should do, from PR to motion graphics. But really, they do it all. Loved by our audience, this group of innovative marketers have the chops needed to make a name for themselves int the media buying business. I took a quick peek at their website, and it looks like a pretty cool place to work. I’m just puzzled that a digital marketing agency in this day and age doesn’t have an SSL certificate on their site. This isn’t about the technical nature of anyone’s website, though. This is about the power of the people voting for an agency that kicks-ass at media buying!

Haworth marketing agency

5. Haworth Marketing – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Number 5 is alive! They might have come in 5th, but at least they made our top 5 list of media buying agencies in the U.S. Seriously folks, this is an achievement to be proud of. I don’t want to rain on their parade, but they don’t have an SSL certificate as of this writing either… Come on guys, secure your site already! Ok, enough banter – these folks are the real deal, and they have made a name for themselves as Minnesota’s go-to media buying agency. We had an email response from someone out of Montana that made mention of them, so again, another business getting recognized from out of state businesses. It looks like they have a pretty sweet view from their office; also, that’s always an appealing perk when looking for employment.

Congratulations to these five badass businesses for making our top 5 list of media buying agencies. If your company made this top 5 list, you should hold your head high with pride and treat your employees to a happy-hour free-for-all. Just saying, you have to keep that unstoppable momentum!

5 Best Up And Coming Criminal Lawyers In America

5 Best Up And Coming Criminal Lawyers In The U.S.

top 5 lawyers in the U.S.

Everyone who was around in the ’90s knows the names Robert Shapiro, Johnnie Cochran, and Robert Kardashian. Famous for defending OJ Simpson in one of the countries most famous trials, these three A-Team lawyers put together a defense that eventually won OJ his freedom. That was the 90’s though, and today is a new era of criminal defense attorneys that specialize in the defense of their clients in the most crucial moments in their lives. Attorneys anchor the legal system, and there are some currently practicing law that deserves to be acknowledged for their fine work. So without further ado, we bring you our top 5 list of Americas best defense attorneys.

1. Patrick Collins

Wilmington, Delaware
Patrick is an absolute animal in the courtroom. He works closely with his clients to represent them to the fullest in a court of law. He is notorious for selecting favorable juries and helping his clients navigate the legal process as they prepare for their day in court. Patrick received his degree from The Widener University School of Law in 2005. This man is truly a rising star that will find his name mentioned in years to come when others talk about the top defense lawyers in the United States.

2. Jason Lawrence

Fort Bend, Texas
Jason is the best criminal Lawyer in Texas. Truly a rising star in the Lone Star State as his criminal defense strategies in the courtroom have earned him the recognition he deserves as a no-nonsense lawyer in Texas. His ability to capture the imaginations of a jury and convince them that his clients are not guilty is a true talent and a testament of what we can expect as he grows into one of the countries most aggressive and successful Criminal Lawyers in the U.S. Jason graduated from Baylor magna cum laude with a BA in political science. He later attended law school in Dallas where he earned his degree from SMU Dedman School of Law.

3. Keith B. Johnson

Augusta, Georgia
Keith is an absolute stud, earning his degree from Michigan State University school of law in 2008, he currently serves on the executive board of the Augusta Bar Association. Keith is smooth in the courtroom, has a knack for criminal defense, and was once considered one of the top 40 best lawyers in the country under 40. Keith is a compassionate, intelligent, diligent, and honorable man that practices law professionally in Augusta, Georgia.

judge bench4.Timothy Bilecki

Honolulu, Hawaii
Timothy might be the smartest lawyer on this list, he obviously chose one of the most beautiful places to practice law, off the shores of Honolulu, Hawaii and I imagine he has never regretted that decision since making that move there. That’s an assumption though, and we all know where that gets you. Timothy graduated from the University of Miami School of Law in 2002. Timothy joined Kieth Johnson on that top 40 list under 40. Timothy is a natural, and his ability to paint pictures into the minds of a journey has made him a very successful criminal defense lawyer practicing in Hawaii.

5. Vijay R. Sharma

Skokie, Illinois
Sharma tops our list at number five and for no other reason other than he’s the 5th badass lawyer we found while researching criminal defense attorneys in the U.S. He very well could have made top three with a little more research, but we are pinched for time, so here he sits at number five. Vijay should feel proud of making this list, this guy is a phenom. Getting a degree from John Marshall School of Law in 2005, he is currently practicing in Skokie where he is also part of the American Society of Legal Advocates and the National Lawyers Guild. Vijay also made the top 40 under 40 lists and is a true professional in the courtroom.
If you are unfortunate enough to be convicted of a crime but are lucky enough to live in any of these states where these lawyers practice law, you can consider yourself lucky. Being a criminal in a state that has great defense attorneys is a blessing for even the hardest criminal.

Top 10 Fishing Charters For Your Next Trip

Chartered Fishing Trips You’re Going To Love

charter fishing for sports


If you are a hobbyist or even a committed sports fisherman, then you probably find yourself searching the web for new places to discover fishing trips. While there are hundreds, if not thousands, of charters available, the experience will tell you that they are not all the same. Here we have done some research based on client testimonials, Google reviews, Yelp reviews, and website information to bring you our top 10 list of fishing charters to try next time you are thinking about some downtime on the open water casting a line and forgetting about your onshore troubles. Save travels to all that make the journey to the sea, fishing is truly a rewarding sport.


The Kenai Peninsula
Alaska Fishing Charter

best fishing charter in Alaska

Alaska is still one of the greatest wild frontiers that exists. From sports fishing, to big game hunting, Alaska has everything for everyone. The fishing charters in Alaska are plentiful. and some are going to better experiences than others. Check out Alaska Fishing Charter to learn more about the charters they offer and the fish you can expect to catch when trolling in the open ocean waters off the Alaskan shoreline.

“Alaska Fishing Charter offers highly productive Kenai fishing trips and Soldotna fishing charters. We are service oriented and know how to find and catch Alaska Salmon and Alaska Halibut. We will take you and your group Alaska King Salmon Fishing, Sliver Salmon Fishing, and Sockeye Salmon Fishing. We also offer Alaska Halibut Fishing Charters that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Anglers that wish to try their hand at fishing for Salmon and Halibut in the same day can try on of our Alaska Combo Fishing Trips. Call Alaska Fishing Charter today to book the fishing trip of a lifetime. You will be Alaska charter fishing from boats custom designed and built right here on the Kenai Peninsula specifically for Alaskan saltwater sportfishing. Our boats are 28ft and 32ft and are powered by reliable and quiet twin Honda 4-stroke outboard motors. Both boats have fully enclosed heated cabins with restroom facilities and extra large open fishing decks. Both charter fishing vessels are equipped with state of the art electronics including global positioning systems, fish finders, depth sounders, VHF radios, CB radios, cell phones, and top quality fishing gear. We are very safety conscious and have our boats inspected annually by the Coast Guard. Our equipment meets or exceeds all Coast Guard requirements.”

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Los Gringos Charters Cabo San Lucas

cabo fishing charters

You can’t beat the experience leaving the shores of Florida and gliding out to sea on a chartered fishing trip with a world class group of guys. Jesse is ex-Coast Guard and true captain of the open waters. His knowledge of the sea is above and beyond many of the captains I have ever had the luxury of chartering with. The experience you get when working with these guys is second to none. The fishing charters they lead through Cabo San Lucas are the best around. Cabo is a premier destination for sports fisherman and hobbyist alilke. This resort city is a notorious destination for stars and celebrities as it sits on the tip of the southern peninsula in Baja Mexico. Made extremely famous in the 80’s by the rock group Van Halen, Cabo began to see an instant influx in tourism after the mead-band released their hit song Cabo Wabo. Sammy Hagar has continued to live and be a part of the community as he’s opened a local cantina called Cabo Wabo Cantina. If you want a taste of the good life, good fishing, and good times, check out these Gringos out at Gringos Charters.

“If you’re looking for your next excursion in Los Cabos, Belize, Costa Rica, or Panama you’re in the right place! We specialize in offshore sport fishing, but we offer a variety of experiences. We can customize charters, yacht rentals, beach activities, whale watching, and tours to fit your needs and budget. Los Gringos Charters is proud to be an American-owned company. We have English-speaking staff, so your experience from booking to the conclusion of your activity will be simple, yet fun. Your happiness matters. We want to exceed your expectations and we look forward to being a part of your next vacation or business trip.”

Newport Beach, California
Newport Landing California

Newport fishing chartersNewport is close enough to other California vacation destinations that this is a great choice if you’re looking to mix up your fishing trip with some other adventurious excursions. The California coast lines are full of fish and your experience with Newport Landing is guaranteed to be nothing short of amazing. These guys know the open waters off the California coast and will show you an experience of a lifetime.

“Newport Landing offers fishing trips open to individuals, families, and all size groups. Trip lengths vary from our popular ½ day (5-hour excursions) and ¾ day (full day excursions) to overnight trips and longer. Newport Landing provides everything you need to make your trip a great fishing experience. Our captains and crew provide years of fishing experience that is invaluable in helping to make each fishing outing relaxing and successful. Interested in a private charter? We do that, too! Newport Landing has a complete selection of boat sizes and trip lengths to accommodate almost any size group for a wide variety deep sea fishing trip lengths departing from the legendary fishing port of Newport Bay.”

Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Dragonfly Sport Fishing Massachusetts

dragon fly fishing

Bluefin Tuna and Seabass is all I needed to hear to want to jump aboard this magnificent charter. Cape Cod is a place you need to visit regardless of your fishing preferences. There is history here, and even better, there are a ton of fish here for the taking. Grab your line, cast your reel, and feel the relaxation of a chartered fishing trip form Dragonfly sport fishing.

“Climb aboard with Dragonfly Sportfishing for one of Cape Cod Fishing Charters’ lifetime experiences! We offer deep sea fishing charters for Striped Bass, Bluefish, Bluefin Tuna, and Black Seabass. Cape Cod has some of the world’s best sport fishing opportunities, and the Dragonfly was custom designed and built to maximize your chances of catching a trophy fish. The boat is fast and comfortable with all of the Coast Guard certified safety equipment and high-end fishing tackle you need to make your day on the water safe and successful. My 45 years of fishing experience in local waters guarantees you will have the best shot at an awesome fishing trip. Whether you are a seasoned angler or ready for your first experience with the sport, I look forward to having you aboard. Let’s go fishin’!”

Maui, Hawaii
Maui Fishing Charters

fish maui Hawaii

Hawaii is a destination that all people need to make at some point in their lives. The food, culture, and our beauty of the land and waters is a site to be seen. Hopping aboard with Maui Fishing Charters will give you a perspective of the land and water like you have never seen before. The fish that you catch is amazing, and the locals really know how to prepare fresh fish dishes like Poke and other sushi varieties.

“Maui sport fishing (a.k.a deepsea sportfishing, offshore trolling) is the most popular form of fishing in Hawaii. The catch may include blue marlin, striped marlin, yellowfin tuna (ahi), wahoo (ono) and dorado (mahi-mahi). The longer you fish for the better your odds! Roughly a half dozen Maui fishing charters feature shallow water bottom fishing. This is conducted closer to shore, with lighter tackle, typically drifting over the reef. Bottom fishing trips are popular with families and those preferring a shorter day on the water. “What will we catch? Can we keep the fish? What’s the weather going to be like? Will I get seasick? What’s the best time to fish on Maui? ” Here you’ll find a wide range of information and resources to help you plan your Maui fishing charter.”

Rockypoint, Mexico
Del Mar Charters Rocky Point Mexico

Del Mar fishing charters

One of my favorite places to vacation, Rockypoint, Mexico continues to boom as U.S. and local investors continue to pump money into the Rockypoint experience. The resorts, condos, and beach house rentals are all filled with the accommodations you would expect from any other luxury beach resort. While you’re there, you gotta check out Del Mar Charters. They offer a unique experience as their local guides take you on a fishing charter that can only be experienced in these waters.

“Sailing in Rocky Point, Sunset Cruise, Bird Island Trip, Deep Sea Fishing Charters, Snorkeling and Kayaking-Del Mar Charters offers a variety of boating experiences to enhance your Puerto Penasco, Mexico vacation! The 42-foot catamaran “Tempo” is perfect for a small group (up to 18 passengers) that enjoy a variety of activities including ….Sailing, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Sunset Cruises, and Isolated Beach Adventures. The 30-foot open bow, dual engine Cobalt “Marilyn” offers a short comfortable ride to our well known local snorkeling, kayaking and sightseeing spot, Bird Island, where you can enjoy many different varieties of sea life. We also charter fishing trips and offer kayak rentals.”

Craig Kurth – Owner: Originally from Southern California, Craig bought the 42-foot catamaran the “Tempo” and moved to Puerto Penasco Mexico to follow his dream and started a career in water sports.
Captain Oscar: Oscar has been a boat captain for over a dozen years, skillfully captaining the boats and maintaining them as if they were his own. Oscar also serves as a snorkel and sightseeing guide, always going the extra mile to take care of our passengers. Oscar is fluent in Spanish and English.

Galveston, Texas
Cowboy Charters Gavelston Texas

Texas fishing charters

What’s more Texan than Cowboy? This fishing charter is the go-to authority on fishing charters in Texas. Jump on the boat, grab your gear, and get ready to join a group of guys that really know their way around the water! This tough Texas size group will show you an experience that you just can’t get anywhere else in Texas.

“Cowboy Charters is not your typical Freeport or Galveston fishing charter, it’s a Gulf of Mexico deep sea fishing adventure! We are a full-time first class deep sea fishing charter company that runs out of Galveston and Freeport. We run hard and fish further than the average Gulf Coast fishing charter companies out there. We leave the dock for fishing before the others and return after they have sent their customers home. Our full day offshore fishing trips are at a plus fuel rate, and we will work hard to not just earn our money, but more importantly, earn your repeat business.”

New York, New York
Fishing Charters NYC

NYC sports fishing

New York doesn’t necessarily scream fishing excursion when I think about the waters of Hawaii, Florida, or Mexico. However there is some great fishing to be done there and nobody better to do that with than Fishing NYC. With over 40 years of experience, these guys have been fishing these waters longer than I have been alive. Give them a shout and find out why they are NYC’s premier fishing charter.

“Fishing the New York Bight for over 40 years. Extensive knowledge of NYC & offshore waters, Fish species, Boat & Electronics, and Safety procedures. Captain Joe Specializes in Fly and Light Tackle Fishing which includes Fly Fishing, with his custom hand made flies, Spin Fishing using Jigs, Soft Plastic lures, Plugging Swiming and Topwater. Other techniques include Live Bait and Trolling”

Virginia Beach, Virginia
Matador Sports Fishing Charters Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach sports fishing

Matador Sports Fishing Charters are hands down the best in Virginia Beach. To troll the open waters with a captain like Jake Hiles will provide you with a fishing experience that you will never forget. Deep sea fishing is one of my favorite things to do, and these guys have absolutely nailed it in these waters.

“Whether you’re looking for offshore deep sea, inshore or wreck fishing, Captain Jake Hiles will give you a fishing trip you’ll never forget. Our home base is the famous Mid-Atlantic fishing region. Virginia Beach offshore waters are perfect for deep sea / deep drop charter fishing. Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or a total novice, everyone in the fishing party has a great chance of catching something. Gulf stream fishing fans love the reel-screaming action. There’s no feeling like a mighty fish taking the bait. The rod bends as marlin, sailfish or tuna zips off yards of line. Your angling skills will be tested to the limit. Don’t worry if you haven’t yet acquired such fishing skills – Captain Jake will be there to help at every turn. After all, there’s nothing better than hands-on learning to gain experience!”

Charleston, South Carolina
The Reel Deal Charters Charleston

reel deal fishing charters

South Carolina, another great place to vacation, grab a beer, and go fishing. The Reel Deal Charters are Thee Place To Go! A fun group for sure that will show you around the area, help you find success, and share the joy of the catch with you. If you have contemplated a fishing charter in South Carolina, this is the place to go.

“Fishing in the Charleston area is good all year round but as in any place in the world, there are better times to catch them than others. We at The Reel Deal Charters take great pride in ensuring you have a productive and enjoyable experience. Our staff are skilled professionals and can teach you all the tricks of the trade. Fishing is more than putting a piece of bait in the water. Depth, structure, water temperature, barometric pressure, and bottom composition are just some of the factors taken into consideration when fishing for a specific species. We promote catch and release of all fish but have no problem with you keeping the catch for a nice dinner. All South Carolina Department Natural Resources and federal regulations are strictly adhered to. All boats are fully equipped with the latest electronics and tackle to ensure a great day of fishing in the Charleston area. All licenses, baits (live, cut, or artificial) and tackle are included in the price of our charters. We now offer fish replicas being made of your catch, if you have a fish that you would like replicated just let the captain know so that they can get accurate measurements, weight, and some great photos. The taxidermist will create the exact replica of your caught fish. If you had to by law or wanted to put that once in a lifetime catch back into the water, this service will allow you to hang that fish on your wall for a lifetime of memories.”