Web Design Services



Pageflakes hosts a team of professionals who have all made careers out of designing, building, and SEO ranking their own businesses to understand and learn what it takes to be successful on the internet. Our mission is to make you the best. If your mission is the same, then you’re going to need the right team who has done it consistently and continues to lead the industry in web design, conversion, and SEO.

We are a digital creative agency pressing the boundaries of style and conversion with forward thinking, highly effective websites that both people and search engines understand in order to give the people exactly what they’re looking for. We combine innovation and creativity, combining 2 extraordinary mediums in one process – opening up exciting new ways that internet users will see what you do and influence the actions they take, creating better experiences and stronger business. By combining market driven strategies with our forward thinking design/development processes, seo, and social media management; Pageflakes creates the best results in the industry that continue to fuel our passion and desire to always be the best.

WordPress Design

Pageflakes specializes in all things WordPress. From fully responsive custom themes, custom designs and layouts tailored to your brand, plugin development and application for optimum functionality, and eCommerce services all built to the highest web standards to ensure optimum SEO – we have years of WordPress style and also advancement experience. Our team incorporates the current innovation in web design with the power of WordPress to create websites that deliver beautiful user experiences as well as cutting-edge performance.

Responsive Websites

Pageflakes continues to design and develop from the forefront of innovative web technologies in the digital design industry. In today’s ever changing world of technology, devices, screen sizes, and operating platforms, responsive sites are critical for success. Every visitor that comes to your site should enjoy the same optimum experience when they come to your page, no matter what device they view it on.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is the process of ensuring that search engines understand what your website is about just as well as your users do. We want to optimize your web design, code, and all of its content to tell search engines exactly who are and what you’re about, with relevance and authority above your peers. Pageflakes will work with you throughout the SEO cycle to ensure your identity and brand are properly expressed to search engines. From market research and keyword selection, content optimization, page optimization, reporting and tracking.

Content Creation

We won’t ever pretend to know more about the nature of your products and services more than you do, but we still highly suggest hiring a professional to write your content for you. Unless you’re an expert writer there are major challenges when clients without specialist copywriting experience attempt to produce web material. A major part of any sales is to not disquality yourself, and we would hate for your material to miss out on critical marketing points, key phrases, and sales strategies that have the power to create sales simply with their content.

If you have a website, it’s important that your site is worded properly to connect with your audience in the right way. Content creation is an overlooked aspect of any site and often gets taken for granted, but a well crafted web page can have major affect on the performance and conversion of that page. This is where hiring a professional internet material writer becomes vital.

eCommerce Solutions

We utilize the leading eCommerce platforms to integrate powerful attributes and devices that allow us to build highly converting sales systems that are also easily understood and intuitive to the user browsing through your eCommerce shop. Our eCommerce styles provide your customers with clear messages and strong calls-to-action. Our UI/UX styles are organized and user-friendly, which lead to happier customers and more sales.


Pageflakes always stands by our clients to provide the premium assistance you need when running a business to ensure your customers receive the optimum experience when they visit your site – part of technology and the complexity of the internet is that things go down for a wide variety of reasons. So when you have problems, know you have a team supporting you who will take care of it. We’ll identify any issues and offer solutions to ensure your business or organization continues to run full speed. We are your specialized web design specialists that offer full assistance for your website and everything web related.