10 Signs You’ve Reached A Midlife Crisis

Top 10 Signs You’ve Reached A Midlife Crisis¬†


  1. Making Out Of Character Decisions

mid 40 male driving sports carLook, we all hit that age eventually and everyone will handle it differently. Some will buy a new cherry red sports car, or adopt new clothing trends, while some will make career-changing decisions that may not be in the best interest of the family. If you find yourself making out of character decisions, I’m talking about decisions that you would not have made 10 years ago then it may be time to re-evaluate your life and where you are going. Change is good, change is awesome, but there is a big difference between good change and irrational change. If you have been a lifelong fan of Bon Jovi and have suddenly purchased a red sports car with 2 fifteens and you bump Drake with your windows down, connect with a buddy (or specialist) and talk to someone about this. It’s really not normal. ¬†



  1. Getting Out Of Bed Is Getting Harder


If you were once an early bird that got up and out the door in the mornings to tackle the world, and now you can hardly be bothered to wake, you might be experiencing a midlife crisis. Maybe it’s time to spice up your day a little, change the routine, and learn something new. The monotony of everyday life can really make the mid-life blues seem like an ankle weight from hell. It can be tough to get up and out to the door to try something new, but you gotta do it. Refresh your sequence, modify your daily routine to incorporate some new and exciting events. I’m not talking about 8 balls and strippers, I’m talking about learning new languages, taking online guitar lessons, or learning a new trade. Learning something new and interesting might give you the nudge you need to get out of the bed in the morning.


  1. You’re Losing Your Drive


That passion that used to drive you to stay up all night working to build that business, middle aged male losing drivethat effort you used to put into getting laid, the time you spent getting dressed to impress, it’s all gone! You don’t care, the belly weight is building, you groom less, hygiene isn’t a priority, and you just don’t care much. This can be a sign of a mid-life crisis, or that you are married, either way, you need to spice things up. Start caring again, it’s easier said than done but it will occupy the mind and body enough that it will help you week to week. Getting your mind back on something positive that benefits you and your body may be the decision-making event that turns things back around.



  1. Groundhogs Day Over And Over


The alarm goes off, you hit snooze, sleep, snooze, sleep, snooze, then you wake. You shower, grab one of your 5 favorite shirts, a pair of pants, shoes, and you’re out the door for some more of the same. Lame. Yup, if your routine is to rinse and repeat on a daily basis you may have reached that undesirable place in life where complacency has grabbed you by the balls and holds you hostage. Wiggle those suckers free, tug, pull and adjust as needed to get yourself back out in the world doing random things. Living the life of a groundhog isn’t good for anyone at any age, but especially for middle-aged men looking in the mirror every day wondering where the time went. Time is still here, make the best of it, adjust your sack and your schedule and get back to living life!


  1. Your Are Treating Your Hair


middle aged male treating hair lossOne true sign of aging is gray hair. Middle-aged men get it on their heads, in their beards, chest hair, and eventually other places that hair grows. Most guys will let that natural coloring process run its course and go gray, the midlife man that finds himself in crisis treats this ordeal a little different from the rest. It’s one thing if you have always dyed your hair, treated it with chemicals, and rocked colorful looks. But if you’re the guy that has never reached for a bottle of bleach or hair dye to color his mop, and now you’re frosting tips and rock’n a fade at fifty, there may be some indication there that you hit the MLC. The treatment doesn’t stop with coloring, there are some guys that have been balding for 20 years without giving it a second thought. If that is you and you are now searching the internet for a hair transplant specialist, you may be the victim of a mid-life crisis.



  1. You Are Not Piloting Your Vessel


Have you always led the charge on life? Were you the guy that took the wheel and commanded life’s ship to the shores of your dreams? How are you doing now? Are you still commanding that venture, or have you let life’s current take control of your vessel and now you are riding the wave wherever it takes you? This is common in the mid-life, it’s definitely easier to let the current pull you along wherever it may go. That there is a true sign that you have lost your drive to survive. Holding on and floating into the abyss was never part of your plans, you had a purpose, motivation, drive, and you were once the captain! Put the bottle down, sober up, and grab that wheel again. You only get to captain this vessel once, might as well steer it till your dying day. Ride or die!


  1. Father Time Is Getting The Best Of You


Wondering where the years went, reminiscing on what could have been, what should have been? Easy to do if when you hit that midlife crossroads. lifes clockIf you are not as financially successful as you thought you might have been, maybe you don’t have kids, or your wife has left you, or you look in the mirror and realize you are old, all that can hurt bad and father time has no mercy on anyone. Time waits for no man, anyone past their mid-life crisis and into the golden years can confirm that time blows by faster than you could ever imagine. If you wish you took those risks in your twenties, wish you had asked her to marry you in your thirties, or cried when you turned forty, then you know how valuable every moment is and you can’t waste another. Reflecting back on these things is great for learning, but if you allow yourself to get stuck in those moments you fail yourself. Father time waits for no man, don’t spend another moment regretting or wishing, take action now so that in ten years you can rewrite your story.



  1. You Feel Lost


It seemed like you had it all, you were on top of the world in your twenties and making money hand over fist. Your thirties kicked in and the money was still good and your family began to grow. Life continued moving forward at a decent pace but never really took off like you had anticipated. The jobs came and went, there were dreams and passions that you pursued half ass but never really gave it your all. You are now at an age where time is not on your side, the kids are growing, there are no savings, you are check to check, and you have no idea where to take this thing. You truly feel lost at sea behind the wheel of a ship you have been sailing for years with no real direction. You feel lost. Time to get a map, time to get a new direction in your life and steer this thing to the promised land. If you bottom out, you lose. If you reach the shoreline, you win. Either of those results is better than the course you are on. I would rather die trying than staying the course of complacency without direction.


  1. Envious Of Others


envious male When you were young you dreamed of ungodly success. You remember thinking to yourself that you would be a millionaire in your twenties. The places you would go, the level of success you would reach, it was all a dream and you had your whole life ahead of you. Twenty-five years have passed and there you sit wondering how come it didn’t go as planned, why your childhood friends achieved their goals and you didn’t. Do you look around at other profiles on facebook and become envious of the life they created? Do you look at others on the road in their cars and wonder why that’s not you? If you constantly feel bitter, envious, and hate towards others your age that has accomplished their dreams you may be suffering from a MLC. This is common, not only are you battling the demon that is Father Time, you are looking at real-life examples of what could have been and it’s killing you inside. Instead of feeling envious, use this as a motivation factor to give this thing one last shot. Find that passion again, go after it, and stop being envious of others.


  1. You Are Living To Survive, Not To Conquer


The groundhogs day effect can leave you in a monotonous situation of daily routines. It’s easy to get swept up in the current of life and float along for the ride. Your older, you have less drive, you don’t believe in yourself like you used to, motivation levels are low, your competitive edge is as dull as a butter knife, you are living to survive, you are no longer living to conquer. You have to find purpose in your life again, get that fire lit up under your ass and pull yourself out of this life rut that has your tires spinning in place. Get traction again, power out of that hole, and conquer that mountain in front of you called life. It’s yours for the taking, change your mindset, get out of survival mode and back into conquer mode!


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