Top 10 Weed Dispensaries In The U.S.

Our Top 10 Weed Dispensaries In The U.S.


If you blaze then you dream of the day that the state you live in legalizes weed for recreational use. Until then, you’ll be scoop’n Zips from your buddies pad on the low. The states that have legalized the natural herb have benefited from the taxation of the previously illegal natural herb. The industry itself has exceeded the $6 Billion dollar mark and other states in the U.S. are salivating at the lips to get in on this smoking hot business opportunity. Until that happens though, people are traveling in droves to visit states where weed has been legalized. I just happen to be an avid traveler, a joker, a smoker, and a midnight toker! Because of this great self-serving job description, I have given myself I have had the luxury of traveling to states where it’s legal to exchange greenbacks for green bags. To be totally honest and transparent, I haven’t visited every dispensary in the U.S. and probably not even half of them, but I have been to some pretty cool ones, met some really cool people, smoked some great weed, and had some amazing times doing it. That being said, this is my top 10 list of weed dispensaries in the U.S.


1) Helping Hands – Boulder Colorado –

boulder dispensary

There was just something about being high in Boulder that had me in a state of Zen. It might have been that bubonic chronic that made me choke, shiiit, it ain’t no joke! Or it could have been a combination of the awesome natural landscapes, the people, and that natural herb. There is something about smoking in certain environments, with certain people, that can make the experience so much better. It’s like that beer you crack on Friday night when you get home from work, it’s just a better beer when you are drinking it with your buddies at the pub. Helping Hands Dispensary in Boulder was the perfect storm of quality weed, good people, and the beauty of Colorado outdoors nearby.  


2) World Of Weed – Tacoma, Washington –

tacoma dispensary

World of anything is pretty cool. World of weed takes the cake though. With all it’s brilliance, it’s also located in a state that has amazing landscapes and natural outdoor beauty. What could be better than rolling a joint and walking around the base of Mt. Rainer? Its awe-inspiring and we recommend you try it if you ever make the trip. Tacoma is located south of Seattle and has always been more of an industrial area due to its ports and location. In the past 10-15 years, Tacoma has really cleaned up its act and has become a desirable place of residents just south of Seattle. This weed shop couldn’t have picked a better city to set up. Tacoma is thriving and timing is everything, this shop has definitely picked the time and place to do this. The display cases here are really cool, the staff is rich with culture, and they know their weed. Washington State has always been known as the Evergreen State, and now they are really living up to that name.


3) Essence Cannabis Dispensary – Las Vegas Strip –

Las Vegas dispensary

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…. Unless your friends capture everything on phones and push it to social media. It also helps if you smoke enough weed to forget what you did, then there are never any worries of spilling the beans. Vegas is one of my favorite spots in the country. I love the outdoors and that will always be priority #1. But there is something about a weekend in Vegas to get excited about. The fact that you can legally purchase mind-altering drugs on the Las Vegas strip just made those trips to Vegas that much better (and safer). This is a cool, dark little spot that you can kick back in and get super high in. It’s the kind of environment that promotes mega bong hits and a kickback atmosphere. Vegas is a balls to the wall kinda place, people drink till they can’t think, and burn till they can’t learn. With all the excess consumption that takes place there, Essence Cannabis even keeps a nurse on staff during business hours for anyone that can’t handle their weed smoke.


4) The Greenhouse – Glendale, Arizona –

Glendale dispensary

The Green House. That’s all I need to know, to know I wanna go! Arizona summers are blazing hot, so is the weed that burns in my bong! Marijuana is not legal in Arizona for recreational use, but that hasn’t stopped the medical dispensaries from popping up like boners. The competition is stiff, so these shops need to get creative. Glendale is about 30 minutes outside Phoenix and is where the Arizona Cardinals stadium is. If you have a medical marijuana card in Arizona and want to venture into Glendale, The Greenhouse is a cool little spot to score some burn. It’s got a very structured atmosphere, it runs like a corporation, and doesn’t necessarily have that hippy feel to it like Helping Hands, but it’s cool. If you like quality herb, and you are in Arizona, this is one dispensary to check out.


5) Nectar – Portland, Oregon –

portland dispensary

I have always been a fan of Oregon. The microbreweries in Portland and the surrounding areas have brewed up some amazing sauce. The coastal communities are amazing and definitely ideal places to roll a little and stroll a little. If you have never walked the sandy beaches of Oregon while smoking a joint you are missing out! Not to worry though, there are miles of beaches that are waiting for you and marijuana is easily accessible thanks to Nectar! Nectar is one of many cool dispensaries in Oregon, it’s a multi-chain location, and is well known for its quality plant life. They are very dialed into the local community and the growers that harvest their crops. Talk to the weed heads behind the counter and you will notice real quick that these guys/gals know their pot!


6) Pot Shop – Seattle, Washington –

Seattle dispensary

Back in the Evergreen state for another mention. I should also mention that Seattle has been coined The Emerald City for longer than I have been alive. This is telling of the weed industry there. Located up on Queen Anne, this little hemp haven is conveniently close for anyone coming in from the downtown area or the Eastside. Queen Anne is a cool little area that is rich with culture and now weed. Cruising through Queen Anne to score some righteous nugs for the weekend sounds like a pretty epic adventure. I think it’s time for anyone visiting or living int he area to swing by the Little Pot Shop of Horrors to and experience it for themselves. 


7) Humboldt Patient Resource Center – Arcata, California –

humboldt dispensary

Humboldt County! That name goes back 20+ years for me. It was legendary in the 90’s. If you scored a bag from Humboldt, it was always chronic, always potent, and always pricey. Who knows if that weed actually ever was from Humboldt, but nobody ever sold schwag and claimed it was from Humboldt. There was always something about Humboldt that made it the weed Mecca of the West Coast. From California to Washington state, everyone smoking weed knew of Humboldt County. Now, you can waltz right into Humboldt without having to know a grower and snag a bag of the infamous grass from a local dispensary. While this place definitely lacks culture, it does provide an amazing service to patients that need their weed for medical reasons. Those reasons are usually more important than recreational reasons, both are good reasons to smoke though.


8) The REEF – Detroit, Michigan –

the reef dispensary

Any dispensary that uses the word REEF is a place I wanna visit. That’s the kind of weed slang (reefer) I was toss’n around like a frisbee as a kid. There was some foot traffic we noticed coming in and out of a home not far from this dispensary, that might have been the real reefer operation that was operating on the DL if you know what I mean. This place though got our attention from the name alone. We stopped in and it didn’t disappoint. The weed was stanky, sticky, icky, and green like that goblin. This little pot shop was opened up along 8 Mile Road, makes you wonder if B-Rabbit and the D-12 delinquents frequent this joint.


9) ReLeaf – Las Vegas, Nevada –

relief dispensary Las Vegas

Back to Las Vegas for another brother! Look, the Raiders are about to relocate here in a few years, you gotta open up them weed shops here for that alone. But this place was far fancier than any Raider fan could dream of being. This place looked like it should have been featured in The Robb Report, or Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. The dispensary was beautiful, reeked of weed, had beautiful people working the counters, and offered upscale weed smoking products and utensils. This might be the first place I visit if I score a Jackpot on the slots.


10) The Green Solution – Denver, Colorado –

green solution weed dispensary

And back to Colorado where this all started. Denver was awesome, fun place to be and again the atmosphere made the experience even better. They had plenty of weed to choose from and it was all chronic. They were also active growers and were involved in the local scene. The place was located downtown only about 10 minutes from the Ballpark and is a great place to stop before you watch a game or head out into the city for the night. Cool little vibe, cool people, and cool products.

Top 5 Places To Retire Like A King

Top 5 Places To Retire Like A King

We all want the good life, but not all of us end up in a position to truly live it. If you have lived your life on the East Coast and you decide you want to settle into a Long Island Retirement Community, you may find that the cost of living exceeds your retirement budget. Don’t give up on the dream though, Long Island is a beautiful place to live out your golden years, you just may need to be a bit more savvy about your spending habits so that you can save enough to afford that luxury. But let’s say you didn’t need to retire on Long Island, or in Beverly Hills, where else could find an affordable place to call home while living out your life like a king? Well, the answers aren’t too far away, intact they are right here. These are the top 10 places outside the U.S. where you can truly enjoy retirement living like a King!

1. Rocky Point Mexico

retire in rocky point

I chose this first on the list because I have been there so many times and absolutely love it. Another reason this is such an attractive option is that it’s close to the States, get a ton of American visitors every year, and is extremely affordable. South of Rocky Point you will find many retirement communities nestled along the coastline, sky rise condos that are extremely affordable and have million dollar views of the blue ocean waters. I know some people feel that Mexico is a little sketch, and I won’t argue that there are some things about the place that would make you consider otherwise, but all in all, it’s an affordable place to retire like a King. You can rent an oceanfront property anywhere from $600 to $1500 per month. The sun shines year round with an average rainfall of 2-3 inches per year.

2. Belize

live like a king in Belize

I have never been here, but I have read amazing things about this beautiful island in the Caribbean. Belize get’s year-round visitors from all over the world and has many permanent residences that are foreign to the land. As popular of a destination as this is, it is extremely affordable to live there. No need to learn a new language here, English is the primary language spoken among locals. Food is cheap, to dine out for lunch or dinner you can expect to spend under $10 dollars. Compared to the U.S. that’s a pretty decent price point for non-fast foods. You can get by on a monthly budget of $1,200 dollars or less if you wanted. Rent can be found as low as $300 a month, depending on where you live in Belize.

3. Thailand

Thailand retirement options

Another destination for tourists looking to explore the island life and rich culture of the Thai people. If you love Thai food as much as I do then you know this would be a dream destination for retirement. The low cost of living is appealing, but like any of the other retirement destinations listed, you will want to make sure you find an expatriate community that is safe and has a low crime rate. The waters are beautiful and the cost of living can run as low as $1k a month. Try living in the state for 1k a month, not happening near any beaches, that’s for sure.

4. Philippines

retirement destinations

A great place to check out is Davao City. It’s a thriving community with a modern airport and a solid local government. The crime rate is low in comparison to other parts of the country and the food is amazing. It’s an affordable area that provides the out of towner with enough local amenities to feel safe and secure retiring there. There are cheaper places to retire in this country, but considering all it has to offer, Davao City is a pretty decent option. You can settle down here comfortably for $1500 to $2000 a month. That will have you living like a king for sure.

5. Panama

senior living in panama

Living on the Azuero Peninsula of Panama will have you feeling like a King. The town of Las Tablas is an extremely affordable place to retire. You can live out your life like a King for next to nothing. Depending on your monthly budget and your desires, you can rent a place for as little as $200 a month. If you are retiring with a significant other and need a little more real estate you can upgrade those living conditions to something bigger for less than $700 a month. Power is fairly cheap, and the local community of expatriates will have you feeling right at home. Enjoy your senior living in style while enjoying the beautiful weather, amazing local culture, and of course authentic foods from this beautiful country.