5 Best Up And Coming Criminal Lawyers In America

5 Best Up And Coming Criminal Lawyers In The U.S.

top 5 lawyers in the U.S.

Everyone who was around in the ’90s knows the names Robert Shapiro, Johnnie Cochran, and Robert Kardashian. Famous for defending OJ Simpson in one of the countries most famous trials, these three A-Team lawyers put together a defense that eventually won OJ his freedom. That was the 90’s though, and today is a new era of criminal defense attorneys that specialize in the defense of their clients in the most crucial moments in their lives. Attorneys anchor the legal system, and there are some currently practicing law that deserves to be acknowledged for their fine work. So without further ado, we bring you our top 5 list of Americas best defense attorneys.

1. Patrick Collins

Wilmington, Delaware
Patrick is an absolute animal in the courtroom. He works closely with his clients to represent them to the fullest in a court of law. He is notorious for selecting favorable juries and helping his clients navigate the legal process as they prepare for their day in court. Patrick received his degree from The Widener University School of Law in 2005. This man is truly a rising star that will find his name mentioned in years to come when others talk about the top defense lawyers in the United States.

2. Jason Lawrence

Fort Bend, Texas
Jason is the best criminal Lawyer in Texas. Truly a rising star in the Lone Star State as his criminal defense strategies in the courtroom have earned him the recognition he deserves as a no-nonsense lawyer in Texas. His ability to capture the imaginations of a jury and convince them that his clients are not guilty is a true talent and a testament of what we can expect as he grows into one of the countries most aggressive and successful Criminal Lawyers in the U.S. Jason graduated from Baylor magna cum laude with a BA in political science. He later attended law school in Dallas where he earned his degree from SMU Dedman School of Law.

3. Keith B. Johnson

Augusta, Georgia
Keith is an absolute stud, earning his degree from Michigan State University school of law in 2008, he currently serves on the executive board of the Augusta Bar Association. Keith is smooth in the courtroom, has a knack for criminal defense, and was once considered one of the top 40 best lawyers in the country under 40. Keith is a compassionate, intelligent, diligent, and honorable man that practices law professionally in Augusta, Georgia.

judge bench4.Timothy Bilecki

Honolulu, Hawaii
Timothy might be the smartest lawyer on this list, he obviously chose one of the most beautiful places to practice law, off the shores of Honolulu, Hawaii and I imagine he has never regretted that decision since making that move there. That’s an assumption though, and we all know where that gets you. Timothy graduated from the University of Miami School of Law in 2002. Timothy joined Kieth Johnson on that top 40 list under 40. Timothy is a natural, and his ability to paint pictures into the minds of a journey has made him a very successful criminal defense lawyer practicing in Hawaii.

5. Vijay R. Sharma

Skokie, Illinois
Sharma tops our list at number five and for no other reason other than he’s the 5th badass lawyer we found while researching criminal defense attorneys in the U.S. He very well could have made top three with a little more research, but we are pinched for time, so here he sits at number five. Vijay should feel proud of making this list, this guy is a phenom. Getting a degree from John Marshall School of Law in 2005, he is currently practicing in Skokie where he is also part of the American Society of Legal Advocates and the National Lawyers Guild. Vijay also made the top 40 under 40 lists and is a true professional in the courtroom.
If you are unfortunate enough to be convicted of a crime but are lucky enough to live in any of these states where these lawyers practice law, you can consider yourself lucky. Being a criminal in a state that has great defense attorneys is a blessing for even the hardest criminal.