Top 5 European Imports 2019

Top 5 European Imports 2019

mercedes s class

If you are a European car enthusiast then you have definitely heard of the cars that made our 2019 list of top European Imports. Mercedes Benz, Maserati, Audi, Range Rover, and BMW are this years featured automobiles on our Top 5 European Import listicle.  If you are new to European luxury cars, this list will get you familiar with some of the best models on the road. Owning a European luxury import can be an expensive decision, make sure you are financially prepared to cover the costs involved with ownership. From registration fees and general maintenance, to warranted part replacement and manufacturer recalls. Also, it would be wise to find a qualified mechanic for European Imports. Having a trustworthy source to take your vehicle can save you time, money, and have you back out on the road enjoying your vehicle sooner than later.

  1. Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The Benz will always be mentioned, this may be a personal preference, or this just may be the fact that they produce a truly superior luxury automobile. Mercedes has been in the automotive game since 1926 and has been crushing the industry since its inception. The Mercedes emblem represents class and sophistication and has been long been an American Icon imported from the shores of Germany.

The 2019 S-Class is truly in a class if it’s own. While its body style may not be as sleek and sexy as some of the other European Imports, it stands out among the crowd with reliable performance and exceptional functionality. The smooth ride glides along the road as a luxury sedan should, and with enhanced air suspension and adaptive dampers, it almost feels like you’re floating on cloud 9. The nine-speed automatic makes the operation of this vehicle effortless, and the 48v hybrid electric powertrain technology only increases the performance and the overall experience of the drive. This vehicle was engineered to please high-end consumers, and it did not fail. It’s extremely quiet, comfortable, fast, and functional. Operating this vehicle is easy and precise with a well laid out dashboard and pristine interior. The touchscreen on the dash is big enough to make you wanna park the Benz and have your own drive-in movie night right in your driveway. The S-Class rivals any of the top luxury European imports to date.

  1. Maserati Quattroporte

The Maserati Quattroporte is another European import that screams sophistication and wealth. I remember the first time I laid eyes on one, I was instantly drawn to the innovative body style and the name Maserati. This beast of a machine is almost limo-like with it’s extended wheelbase and roomy interior. It boasts what many of the big-body luxury sedans do these days, high-end comfort with sport-like performance. The interior is plush and designed to impress, any other luxury import looking for an example to follow should open the door of the Quattroporte and take a peek inside.

  1. Audi A8

Audi A8Audi has long been a favorite of mine, my buddy Sam had one in High School that we would roll around in and I have fond memories of those times. Nostalgia aside, this European import just screams badassery and is one of the more advanced high-performance luxury imports on the road today. It is said that the Audi A8 surpasses the Mercedes S-Class with its in-car technology and hi-tech chassis. There are turbocharged versions of this automotive masterpiece that comes in diesel and standard petrol. These vehicles are all-wheel drive and boast a 48-volt electrical system to give it hybrid-like functionality. The interior of the Audi A8 is something that was designed for the elite, it truly is a breathtaking interior. This is a smooth drive with plenty to offer in the city and on the road. The Audi A8 will not disappoint anyone that gets behind the wheel.

  1. Range Rover

I am all about luxury vehicles that operate on-road as well as they do off-road. The Range Rover is often seen on city streets traveling among the lesser SUV’s in a class of its own. It’s not often you see a Range Rover out in the hills plowing through some off-road terrain, but when you do, you know that the person behind the wheel it taking on that terrain in luxury. The Range Rover has long stood the test of time as one of the world’s most elite off-road/on-road vehicles. The newest model doesn’t waver from that status and only continue to impress and carve themselves out as an industry leader. This vehicle is a luxury on-road experience first, and a off-load 4 wheel drive vehicle second. The luxurious interior is roomy enough for you and your family to ride the town in comfort, while the tank-like exterior was built to keep the outdoor ambiance levels low, and the rugged impact of exterior terrain as minimal as possible. Driving a Range Rover puts you in a class that many wish to be in, and taking ownership of one of these will let you experience why first hand.

  1. BMW 7 Series

BMW 7 series importAre there any other combination of three letters that define luxury? Not in the automotive industry! The BMW 7 Series has been in production since the late 1970s and has continued to revolutionize what luxury vehicles should be. They represent what it means to take pride in design, and take pride in ownership. BMW owners have long been the envy of other automotive enthusiasts. The 7 series has always lived in the shadows of the Mercedes S Class, but this year BMW showed up with this version of their classic car. It’s a vehicle that embodies luxury and performance that only BMW owners are aware of. It’s their biggest push to rival Mercedes since the 7 series hit the pavement. The luxury air suspension provides a ride smoother than silk, the infotainment system will keep you on course and entertained like never before. Two wheel and all-wheel drive options are available depending on your needs. This is a smooth quiet ride and it handles like a sports car. From a functionalist perspective, this car deserves to be in the top 3, as a European luxury import it sits comfortably at number 5.

The importation if European automobiles has made driving in America a far more luxurious experience. As the years pass, the exterior designs and interior modifications continue to improve and make European imports stand out among other automotive imports entering the country.

Top 10 DIY Car Detailing Techniques

The Top 10 Car Detailing Techniques For The DIY Enthusiast

car detailing tips

Most of us own a vehicle that needs a deep cleaning periodically, this can be done by you or you can hire a professional to do the job. If you are a DIY type of person you will enjoy this top 10 list of the best car detailing tips from the professionals at Chase Detailing in Oklahoma. We caught up with Nicholas Chase to discuss how everyday people can get world-class results like the professionals.

1. Tools Of The Trade

Like anything else, you will need to invest in the tools needed to get the results you want. Here is an itemized list of some basic tools to have ready before you begin detailing your car. Here are the top 10 tools we suggest the DIY car detailer purchases and has available in the garage for car detailing.

• 5 Gallon Bucket
Microfiber Cloth
• Soap
Wheel Brush
Rim Cleaner
Tire Cleaner
• Towels For Drying
Glass Cleaner
Shop-Vac or Portable Hand Vacuum
• Electric Buffer

These items will help you get started. If you don’t have these items and need to purchase them then visit your local Home Depot. If you need to borrow them instead you can ask a family member or neighbor.

2. Wash Your Car Out Of The Sun

I see people in my neighborhood on sunny days washing and waxing their cars, unfortunately, this is less than ideal. The hot sun can evaporate the water quickly and leave your car with undesirable spots. If possible, wash your car in the morning before the sun starts shining on it. If that’s not possible, aim for the evenings once the sun goes down. If you have a carport or covered area that you can use during the day then use that while you have natural daylight. Also, wait for the body of the vehicle to cool down, if that car has been sitting in direct sunlight and is hot to the touch then let it cool before applying soap and water.

car detailing3. Use Multiple Buckets

You wouldn’t wash your clothes with dirty water, why wash your car with it? By having multiple buckets you can soap your rags, wash the vehicle, then rinse the rag in a separate bucket of warm water. Rinse and repeat. This is especially important when the car is dirty, or if you are washing the rims, wheels, or bumper areas that are often times exposed to dirt and grease.

4. Clean From The Top Down

Seems obvious to some, and not so obvious to others. Cleaning your car from the top down is the best way to ensure that you don’t have to clean the same surface area twice. After that, you should give detailed attention to your trim by treating it with a restoration product before moving on to waxing and polishing your car. The chemicals in the wax can stain the plastic trim, so it is advised that plastic gets treated before the waxing begins to avoid this.

5. Use A Microfibre Cloth

Dish rags, sponges, and bath towels have been the go-to wash rag of choice for decades. Switching to a microfibre cloth has many benefits when it comes to washing and detailing your car. Microfibre clothes help to prevent unwanted scratching to the surface of the car and are more efficient for detailing. It is also advised that you wash your microfibre cloth separate from your regular clothes to prevent the cloth from absorbing unwanted lint and particles.

6. Wax Your Car With A Buffer

The days of manually waxing your car should be long behind you. Electric buffers are available at your local hardware store and should be used when waxing your car. Make sure you read the instructions properly and learn how to use it before letting loose on your car’s surface. You start at the back of the vehicle at the bottom towards the bumper to start. This will allow you the opportunity to get familiar with the tool on a surface area that isn’t easily visible. This way, if you make a mistake it will go unnoticed. Make sure you don’t attempt to remove previous wax coats with an electric buffer, the surface area can suffer from streaks and swirls that will become noticeable on the car’s hood.

car polisher

7. Clean The Windows With Care

One thing that separates the DIY detailer with a professional car detailer is how they treat the windows. When you get into a professionally detailed car and look out the windows it’s so clear that you can easily think the windows are rolled down. The DIY detailer might not get those same results. So how do you do it? Here are my top 5 tips for detailing your car windows.


• Use newspaper to clean the glass. There is less streaking that occurs from a newspaper.
• Dry the outside vertically and the inside horizontally, if there are streaks going in either direction you will then be able to tell if they are on the inside or the outside.
• Roll your windows down half way and clean the tops and sides of the windows.
• Use a quality window cleaning solution.
• Don’t be afraid to use a new razor on surface substances that won’t wash out. You can carefully remove grime and things like sap, egg, gum, and grime from the window with a flat razor if it doesn’t come off with some elbow grease. If your windows are tinted I would refrain from using a razor, especially on the interior window. This little tool can cause serious damage if not used properly, so use caution before diving in.


8. Brush Your Interior Before Vacuuming

You can use a brush on your seats, carpets, and in hard to reach places. A brush does a great job of loosening up unwanted debris and draws it to the surface by moving the carpet fibers in a way that pushes the nestled dirt to the surface of the floor. Once the dirt has surfaced you can use a vacuum to draw the dirt off the floor. Depending on the power of the vacuum you are using, you may also pull additional debris from underneath the carpet.

9.Polishing Your Car To Get That Finished Look

If you will be detailing your car on a regular basis then investing in a polisher will be a great idea. A dual action polisher can be used to get the most desired results possible. These polishers are perfect for working out scuffs and surface scratches. If buying one isn’t in your budget you can always revert to renting one or borrowing one from a friend or neighbor.

10. Hire A Professional Car Detailing Company

It’s easy to get caught up in the appeal of DIY everything. Everywhere we look we have the opportunity to just do things ourselves. But honestly, what’s your time worth to you? Unless it’s something you really enjoy doing, just pay someone to detail your car. After I bought my new ride a few years back, I detailed it every month by hand. Well, that got old pretty quick. Four months into owning my new car, I stopped the Saturday morning detail efforts and hired a mobile detailer. They have been detailing my car now for years and I’ll probably never do it myself again. Just saying.