Meet The Team

The man who started PageFlakes


- Founder -

Darren was out for a run through a park near his house, when suddenly he came across a lone beaver that seemed to be in search of an adventure. Darren adopted Slappy and that was where it all began.

Since then, Darren and Slappy have traveled together, near and far, searching for the best of everything. Together they created PageFlakes.

Page Flakes Post Creator


- Writer -

Darren, the founder of PageFlakes, traveled all around the U.S. looking for the best of everything so he could make an amazing listicle website- showcasing the fruits of his labor. Unfortunately, Darren hates writing, and Slappy is not good either.

This is where Amanda comes into our story. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to work with a beaver?

Page Flakes Designer


- Designer -

The PageFlakes team wasn’t quite complete. They needed a designer to make their dam- I mean, website- look and run as smoothly as the amazing content it holds.

Darren, and Slappy’s adventures brought them to Seattle, which is where bumped into Courtney. She was spray painting a mural of pine tree on a wall. The image was so overwhelming, Slappy had to bring Courtney onboard. Now she has an online canvas for her greatness.

Our Office Pet


- Office Beaver -

Slappy has always longed for something more than just rivers and creeks. He knew when he was just a small kit (a baby beaver) that he was meant for greatness.

Once he was old enough to fend for himself he set out on a quest to find the top 5 best trees for building a dam, which is when his fate and Darren’s collided. Now he and Darren are living out their dreams and enjoying each day to the fullest as best friends, man and beaver.

About PageFlakes


PageFlakes was created out of equal parts passion and need:

  • Darren and Slappy both have a shared passion for the world around them. They both enjoy the best things that life has to offer, and want to share their knowledge of what is the best to everyone they can.
  • There are loads of listicle websites online that simply don’t meet the needs of the people. This is because the vast majority of these websites approach various companies and make them buy the space on their website.


Here at PageFlakes, we never approach companies trying to sell spots on our lists. We only add places, or things, to our lists because they are truly the best of the best.


You can rest easily knowing that here at PageFlakes, Slappy’s got your back, and your best interests at heart.