Top 10 Internet Marketing Strategies

It’s 2020, there’s competition all around, and you want your business to stand tall on the internet… so where do you focus? We’re going to bring you 10 valuable internet marketing strategies today!

1. Content Marketing

Although some businesses ignore it, content keeps the internet going. This could be infographics, blog posts, videos, or any other form. There are two main benefits to content marketing; you can position yourself as a market leader, and it helps to boost SEO for your website.

2. SEO 

We’ve just mentioned it, and another internet marketing strategy that will always have value is search engine optimization (SEO). Essentially, this is the practice of improving one’s website to boost our position on search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO has long been linked with keywords, but the algorithm takes lots of factors into consideration, including page loading speed, links, and the age of content.

3. Paid Advertising

Organic search is good, but we believe it needs to be paired with paid search too. While organic search pulls in people looking for specific terms, paid search can be used for product launches, special offers, and other times where you want to gain quick exposure.

4. Remarketing

Just because somebody has engaged with your business and then walked away, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to lose them forever. Instead, launch a remarketing campaign and target people who have visited a particular page, engaged on social media, etc.

5. Social Media

If you aren’t on social media, you will immediately fall behind the competition. Before spending money, a significant portion of the market will research brands and products on social media. If you aren’t present and active, they will choose to go elsewhere. Social media is a wonderful tool to build excitement around a product launch, engage with customers, deal with common complaints, and give the brand some character (while making it personable).

6. Website Design 

When looking for marketing techniques, most businesses will look outwards. For us, marketing always begins inside the company… and a good starting point is your website. If your site isn’t up to scratch, all other marketing techniques like SEO and paid advertising won’t be as effective. It would help if you had a sleek website design, simple navigation and interface, quick page loading speed, and the right tone for the business.

7. Email Marketing

Social media has arrived, so email marketing is dead, right? Well, not exactly. As long as you have permission to contact your email list, it’s a great way to reach them directly with special offers and exciting news. You can try lead magnets, improve with A/B testing, and find the strategy that gets the best results. The automation tools available make email marketing easier than ever before.

8. Influencer Marketing

As the years go on, it seems that influencers have gained more and more power in advertising. If you haven’t explored this avenue, it could be a good one since the influencers’ followers listen to their opinions and views regarding products and brands.

9. Reputation Management

What are people saying about your brand? As well as responding to the positive reviews and comments, we also recommend dealing with any negativity. If people see you take complaints seriously, they will be more willing to forgive one or two bad reviews. If you ignore them, it looks like you might get negative comments all the time.

10. Finding the Right Platform

This might sound simple, but there are still far too many businesses advertising on the wrong platforms. Assess where your target market can be found and then choose a message that resonates.