March 2020

Top 5 Best Drummers

Although they don’t always get the headlines, drummers have an essential role in any band or performance. If the drummer is off beat or struggling to keep up, the whole performance comes crashing down. Fortunately, these five drummers never had such problems. Although we know this list is highly subjective (feel free to comment your own favorite drummers), we’ve chosen five drummers that not only had/have talent but have also contributed to the way drums are played for all aspiring musicians.


Phil Collins

In truth, everybody seems to know Phil Collins for something different. While some will think of ‘In the Air Tonight’, others will love his work on the Disney classic Tarzan. However, only those old enough will remember his drumming days with Genesis. After joining the lineup in the UK, Genesis went from strength to strength and it wasn’t long before Collins had developed the signature ‘gated snare’ sound.

Ultimately, Phil Collins is a drumming legend and the respect he has earned from other musicians goes to show it. After one of the most famous drum fills of all time with ‘In the Air Tonight’, lots of other musicians used him for studio recordings including Robert Plant and Eric Clapton. What’s more, he played the drums for recordings even after he took over the lead with Genesis and in his solo singing career.

Neil Peart

From England, we move across to Canada to find another legend of the drumming world. Considered by some the best drummer of all time, he was the lyricist and main drummer for Rush. Over the years, he has been recognized for his talent and, in 1983, became the youngest ever Modern Drummer Hall of Fame inductee.

John Bonham

As a key feature of Led Zeppelin, John Bonham quickly began entertaining crowds all over the world. During the recording of ‘Good Times Bad Times’, Jimmy Page later noted how everybody assumed he was using two bass drums when he actually only had one. Often, we can mark the success of musicians by the influence they have, and Dave Grohl once said that he used to spend endless hours in his bedroom just trying to imitate and emulate Bonham’s talent.

Ringo Starr

In one interview, Paul McCartney said that the real ‘beginning’ of the Beatles came when Ringo Starr first sat down and played with the band. He described looking around the room at George and John before knowing that the band was complete. Although overlooked as a result of other drummers around during the 1960s, Starr was influential in the Beatles and played a key role in shaping the songs that have defined more than one generation.

Above all else, Starr was reliable – a good trait for any drummer. Once you add the fact that he was a left-handed player on a right-handed kit, you really understand the talent and why the funny fills he offered were so special. Back to Dave Grohl, he once noted that ‘Ringo was the king of feel’.

Keith Moon

To round off our top five, Keith Moon was known for extravagance, smashing drum kits, and unique playing styles. Rather than simply accompanying the music, Moon pushed the boundaries of where the drum should go and his influence in this regard is still felt today. Sadly, while still a beloved member of The Who, Moon died in London at the age of 31.

Sadly, all great careers come to an end. Neil Peart died at the beginning of 2020 and a nerve issue will prevent Phil Collins from playing as he once did…let’s hope there’s a new generation of drummers who will soon find their names among these greats!

Why You Need a Mobile Veterinarian

A few years ago, people didn’t understand the importance of a mobile veterinary. However, today’s active life has made this concept popular among people. Consequently, there is an increase in the number of mobile veterinarians.

Traditionally people have to take their pets to the clinics, but now you can book appointments, and professionals will visit your place for a checkup. Periodic checkups of your pets are essential if you want them to be healthy.

mobile vets

Therefore avoid the struggle to taking your pets to the clinic and instead call them to come to your place.

Reasons Why You Need a Mobile Vet

There are several benefits that a mobile vet offers. These includes:

  • Comfort

Usually, pets like dogs and cats love to be in familiar surroundings, and they get anxious in unfamiliar surroundings. Therefore it is comfortable for your pets when a vet visits them at home.

Therefore it is relaxing for pets. You don’t need to put your animals in cars and bring them to hospitals. Hence it is comfortable for both of you, you, and your pet.

  • Safety

Don’t worry that the vet is carrying some disease-causing bacteria’s and germs. Because these mobile vet and livestock vet to make sure to take all the safety measures. Besides, the good thing is your pet is not exposed to any stranger.

Therefore chances for them to get infected are null. Limited contact dramatically reduces the risk of transferring illness. This means the use of a mobile vet can protect your pets from infectious diseases.

  • Cost

Usually, people think that they will charge a higher amount. However, in reality, this is not the case. In the veterinary world, they didn’t cost an extra fee for coming to your place to check your pet.

Whereas when you take your pets to the clinic, you have to pay extra fees like checkup fees, transport costs, etc. whereas in case of mobile vet services, you have to pay a service fee and if any loss in wage occurs due to taking time off.

  • Services

Keep in mind that mobile vet provides limited services only. And in extreme cases, when you’re pet needs an operation or an x-ray, you have to take them to the hospital. But they provide all the traditional vet services.

Sometimes they also arrange a professional/specialist for a checkup. But extreme cases are sent to specialist clinics. Therefore make sure that they provide those services which you want. And if no, then it’s better to go to the clinic.

  • Convenience

The best thing about the mobile vet is convenience. They provide a 24 hours vet service. Not long ago, this accessibility was not given the appreciation it deserves. But today’s busy world clearly understands its importance.

Don’t worry about your busy schedule. Because you can call them whenever you want, and this feature is no less than a blessing.

Final Words

The mobile vet is an excellent initiative due to the drastic benefits it provides. It provides convenience, flexibility, comfort, safety, and much more. So I am sure you all clearly understand the importance of a mobile vet.