What is XXX OG Strain of Terpenes?

XXX OG Terpenes are one of the most popular and highly potent strains of Terpenes on the market. XXX OG Terpenes have been around a long time and were found in older strains of cannabis, now they are being extracted and used to flavor edibles, oils, and vape cartridges. The XXX strain comes from a strain of Indica.

It comes from a gnarly bud, and is covered in gooey trichomes. It has a terpene flavor similar to the fresh soil and pine along with lemon. And lastly, it is considered as the daughter of hybrid OG Kush and indica XXX.

The potency of XXX OG

The XXX Indica comes with a high percentage of THC; consequently, it is essential to check its potency before buying and consuming. Its use can cause a high in the head, uplifting the spirit, and creates an ecstatic state in mind.

It helps to relax the body; however, consuming in higher amounts can let you feel more sedated. On the downside, its use can cause dry mouth and eyes, dizziness, anxiousness, and even small bouts of paranoia when used in higher amounts.

XXX OG Strain of Terpenes

Plant Terpenes

Organic terpenes are spherical-shaped flowers. They come with a dense and heavy bud structure like the typical indica varieties. It has fresh green leaves with orange pistils. Whereas some also have streaks of purple, which is due to the presence of anthocyanins. Outer and the inner surface of leaves are covered with the cloudy white trichomes. As a result of which it is tough to break leaves by hand.

On burning organic terpenes forms a smooth smoke for an indica. You will feel a cloyingly sweet and peppery when you inhale it, and it will linger on the palate.

XXX OG as a Creeper of Strain

It takes a few minutes to fully accept the effect of XXX OG, which is a creeper strain. It starts with a tingling sensation in the face, which then moves down the neck. And within minutes, it gives a pleasant, relaxing feel in the entire body.

The best time to enjoy XXX OG terpenes is in the evening at home.

Uses of XXX OG

There are several benefits provided by XXX OG. It is beneficial for the purpose of medical cannabis patients. It can provide both psychological as well as physiological benefits.