Top 5 Media Buying Agencies in the U.S.

Top 5 Media Buying Agencies in the U.S.

When it comes to media buying, there are definitely some agencies that outshine the competition. We recently asked some of our favorite marketers who they thought were the country’s top media buyers, and this is our list. These media buying agencies top our list as we steered clear of the marketing agencies that have more brand recognition than they do satisfied clients. Follow along as we share with you our top 5 media buying agencies.

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1. Metric Theory – Denver, Colorado

The people we reached out to about this had one thing in common, and Metric Theory was number one. When we asked about Media buying agencies in the U.S., we were not surprised that a company from Colorado topped the list. Colorado is a cool state that has made greenery legal for recreational use, talk about fueling the creative marketer in you! While media buying may not be as creative as content creation, it still requires some serious knowledge of the industry. Good job Metric Theory, the good folks of this country have taken notice and made you our top pick for media buying agencies in the U.S.



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2. Richardson Media Group – Portsmouth, New Hampshire

This agency operating out of Portsmouth has a strong reputation in the marketing community. We searched the internet, social media, and polled our readers, and it was clear that Richardson Media had to make our top 5 list. Richardson Media operates out of Portsmouth but services the greater Boston area and surrounding cities. Businesses from East to West made mention of them, and this says a lot about a company when companies across the country are name dropping you. Hopefully, they aren’t Patriot fans.

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3. Media LTD – Baltimore, Maryland

This group is making some serious noise in the world of media buying. They were mentioned frequently among the rest of these agencies that made our list. This group of world-class marketing experts can help you extend your reach with unstoppable momentum that will keep your business going strong. They’ve been in business for over 25-years and have a reputation as a premier media buyer in Baltimore. Can their marketing efforts give your business the kind of momentum that Lamar Jackson currently has? You can only hope so!

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4. Love Adv – Houston, Texas

These guys can do everything a mid- to large-sized agency should do, from PR to motion graphics. But really, they do it all. Loved by our audience, this group of innovative marketers have the chops needed to make a name for themselves int the media buying business. I took a quick peek at their website, and it looks like a pretty cool place to work. I’m just puzzled that a digital marketing agency in this day and age doesn’t have an SSL certificate on their site. This isn’t about the technical nature of anyone’s website, though. This is about the power of the people voting for an agency that kicks-ass at media buying!

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5. Haworth Marketing – Minneapolis, Minnesota

Number 5 is alive! They might have come in 5th, but at least they made our top 5 list of media buying agencies in the U.S. Seriously folks, this is an achievement to be proud of. I don’t want to rain on their parade, but they don’t have an SSL certificate as of this writing either… Come on guys, secure your site already! Ok, enough banter – these folks are the real deal, and they have made a name for themselves as Minnesota’s go-to media buying agency. We had an email response from someone out of Montana that made mention of them, so again, another business getting recognized from out of state businesses. It looks like they have a pretty sweet view from their office; also, that’s always an appealing perk when looking for employment.

Congratulations to these five badass businesses for making our top 5 list of media buying agencies. If your company made this top 5 list, you should hold your head high with pride and treat your employees to a happy-hour free-for-all. Just saying, you have to keep that unstoppable momentum!