Top 5 Sports To Learn Online

The 5 Best Sports To Learn Through Online Training

Online Sports

Let’s face it, there are loads of different sports out there to play. Some sports can be performed by individuals, some in small groups, and some require very large groups. There are sports that require extreme physical fitness, strength, and speed. However, there are also sports that don’t require you to be in peak physical condition and focus mainly on body control, mental fortitude, and vast understanding of how various elements of the game interact with each other.

That being said, to be truly good at any sport one must dedicate time and effort to practice. Many athletes hire coaches to help train them. Coaches can be expensive, and sometimes you can’t practice at all unless you have someone physically there to train with you. Online training (paid or free) is a great alternative for training when you don’t have a coach or other athletes to practice with.

I don’t know about you but I usually prefer sports that don’t require large groups, where you need other people to train. That’s your friends here at PageFlakes have created a list of sports (which are generally considered individual sports) that you can master on your own, through personal training and online tutorials & drills.


golf online training

Golf is one of the best individual sports out there. Sure, you can go hit some balls with a friend (which is a lot of fun), but when it gets down to the nitty-gritty it’s just you, the club, and the ball. In order to be good at golf, you have to understand the way the club and ball interact with each other. You also have to have a solid understanding of how your body motion effects the swing of the club.

If you look up online tutorials of golf you’ll be sure to find outstanding players who are ready and willing to give you tips, tricks, and drills that you can practice next time you’re out on the course. In fact, there are many golf drills that you can practice in your backyard. That is why golf is such a great sport to learn through online tutorials.


Bowling Online Tutorials

What’s more fun than heading out with some friends (or a fun date) and going bowling? I’ll tell you: it’s heading out for fun night and blowing your companions’ minds when you are awesome at bowling. Honestly, most people aren’t very good at bowling, and your friends will be very impressed with you when you show off some great coordination and strength on your lane.

Bowling tutorials are readily available online and can help you move up from your novice status very quickly. Having knowledge of how to throw the ball, the spin of the ball, pros and cons of varying ball weights, and different oil patterns and conditions on the lane (to name a few) will greatly improve your overall performance and score.


tennis online tips

Tennis is an awesome sport which requires good hand-eye coordination, strength, speed, and mental sharpness. It can be played between 2 people (1-on-1), or in groups of 4 (2 vs. 2). Despite the fact that it can be a group game, tennis is largely considered an individual sport. Your skills grow when you learn to better react to different situations. Practicing your tennis skills can be done on your own, which makes it a great sport to learn online.

You can practice a lot of the skills and drills on your own, either at home or on a tennis court. One way to do this is to learn new drills and techniques online, then use a tennis ball launcher to practice what you’ve learned. Different tips you can learn online may include proper footing, body positioning, racket positioning, ball spin, etc.


great cycling online drills

Who doesn’t like a going for a nice weekend bike ride? Get the most out of your ride by looking up some online cycling tutorials. There is online training for all levels of cyclists- from the leisurely weekend rider to a club/professional cyclist. Learning some drills that can strengthen your legs, core, and balance will drastically affect your ability to enjoy cycling.

Many cycling tutorials will help teach you the differences between various bicycle parts and their pros and cons. Online training can also prepare you for varying weather and road conditions, and difficulties. Having a strong knowledge of how to react to different environments and situations will absolutely help you go that extra mile. When it comes to online cycling courses another huge advantage is that you don’t actually have to leave your house and go on long rides to practice what you’ve learned. You can use a stationary bike (spin bike) to practice your drills in the comfort of your own home.

Martial Arts

martial arts drills online

Martial arts are all about having complete control of your body and mind. Within the umbrella term of martial arts, there are many various forms- mostly focused on self-defense and self-control. These other forms can include Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, Capoeira, and Kickboxing. Each form focuses on a different style of self-defense (grappling, punching, kicking, weapons, disarming, etc). For each variation of martial arts, there are loads of online tutorials. If you’re new to martial arts, try out a few and see what style you like the most.

Once you have found the form of martial arts that you like, check out some online training. You’ll find that there are many high ranking martial artists who have created videos teaching different skills and drills that you can practice before you get into your dojo/training center. Not only can you learn the intricacies of how to move your body during different moves, but you can also learn about the thought and reasoning behind these moves, so you would be able to apply them to real-life situations. Learning the fine details online will also improve your performance when you’re on the mat practicing with a partner.